Juella Mahto

I am a freshman English education major at Bethel University in Saint Paul, MN. I enjoy seeing improvement within students’ work, reading students emotions in their school work, seeing students be passionate about their work. I like encouraging my teammates on the basketball court, laughing with my friends until my stomach hurts and watching criminal minds until I am too afraid to go to bed. I am seeking a student teaching job at a middle school.

Coronavirus Educating the Teachers

Service-Learning and Community Engagements educating struggles through digital division in Bethel and outside of Bethel through the hurtful times in the year of 2020. March 13, 2020. The day the coronavirus began changing everything in the United States. COVID-19 has impacted everything and everyone in the past nine months. Hospital resources, the workplace, schools. Students, teachers, and everybody involved within schools have been deeply impacted. COVID-19 makes it more difficult for student

Clumsy, sleepy, and smart Talycia

Fifth-grade Maxfield Elementary student finds a love for her Jamaican culture, religion and school. Football, soccer, and basketball. Talycia enjoys watching these three sports the most out of them all. When she is not watching sports, you will find her just staring up in the sky and watching the clouds. Sports are one big aspect of her life that roots from her Jamaican culture. Wearing her favorite pink sweater, Talycia loves seeing the house she used to live in when she moved to Minnesota fro

Letters of life lessons

This is a story about a freshman student taking a sad experience and turning it into a positive lesson. Wearing her red dress full of sequence and black shoes, Bell Hannafin was surrounded with the smell of pie as she entered the familiar Baker Square in Roseville. Her family had not visited the restaurant since her parents got divorced. The tradition of going in and eating together had come to a close along with her parents’ marriage. Despite being just six years old, Bell still understood the